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Spenót - Demo 1983 (Hungary)

Spenót ( meaning:Spinach ) was a Hungarian new wave band between 1981-1983.
In first period, the band played reggae-rock music with a bit punk but sooner, the band changed about synth new wave. Their lyrics there are a bit provocative and critical. In 1983, they made this demo and later, they released only 7" (Samba/Hová tűntek a szőke nők) and the band broke up.

Единственная "студийная" запись венгерской нью-вейв группы Spenót (Шпинат). Кроме нее существует еще 7" c 2мя песнями + отдельные номера в сборниках типа 1...2....3...4..5...Start.

01.Csak cigarettázom és eszem (I just smoking and eating)
02.Ép testben (In health body)
03.Fantasztikusan szép vagy (You are a fantastic beautiful)
04.80-as évek (Boring 80s)
05.Spenót-dal (Spinach-song)
06.Forró szerelem (Hot love)
07.Hová tűntek a szőke nők? (Where the blond women were disappearing?)
08.Wir sind modern!
10.Modern idők (Modern ages)

Spenot - Demo 1983

thnx Bence
Tags: 80s, hungary, magyar, new wave
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