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Les Baxter - African Jazz (1959)

Les Baxter - African Jazz (1959) jazz download

Artist: Les Baxter
Album: African Jazz
Year: 1959
Stile: jazz
Bitrate: 320
Size, Мб: 63

NOTE : is one of the most fantastic exotica albums

Les Baxter is a pianist who composed and arranged for the top swing bands of the '40s and '50s, but he is better known as the founder of exotica, a variation of easy listening that glorified the sounds and styles of Polynesia, Africa, and South America, even as it retained the traditional string-and-horn arrangements of instrumental pop. Exotica became a massively popular trend in the '50s, with thousands of record buyers listening to Baxter, Martin Denny, and their imitators. Baxter also pioneered the use of the electronic instrument the theremin, which has a haunting, howling sound. (more)

Les Baxter - African Jazz (1959)
01. Congo Train
02. Elephant Trail
03. Banana Boy
04. Safari
05. Mombasa After Midnight
06. Rain
07. Lost City
08. Walkin' Watusi
09. Ostrich Hunt
10. Cairo Bazaar
11. Jungalero
12. Balinese Bongos

download Les Baxter - African Jazz (1959)
download Les Baxter - African Jazz (1959)
download Les Baxter - African Jazz (1959)
download Les Baxter - African Jazz (1959)
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